Easy Cocktail Recipes You Can Make at Home

The Oil Spill Shot Recipe – Jagermeister and Goldschlager

So this shot is one you see frequently on memes and such. I sought out to give it a try. Really a simplistic shot bursting with Cinnamon flavor it what you end up with.

  • 3/4 Shot of Cinnamon Schnapps
  • 1/4 Shot of Jagermeister

This shot uses floating liquor in order to make a layered effect. The goal with this one is to replicate an oil spill look since the Jagermeister will float on top of the Schnapps.

  1. Pour the Cinnamon Schnapps into a shot glass.
  2. Using the back of a spoon against the inside of the shot glass, pour the Jagermeister on top.

If you did it right the Jager floats and it turns out to be a cool shot that mainly just tastes like a lot of cinnamon. Overall I like Goldschlager and thought the shot was alright.